Total Joint Replacement

By David T. Miller, M.D.; Frank A. Luzi, M.D.; and Patrick J. Hlubik, M.D.

Our total joint replacement surgeons are well trained and experienced in conventional types and methods of implant surgery, as well as innovative and minimally invasive techniques and implants. They participate in ongoing developments and education in order to reduce the pain of joint surgery, speed patient recovery, improve longevity of implants and improve the lifestyles of joint replacement patients.

Some developments may be beneficial for you, while others may not. Many companies may market ideas and developments directly to patients and should be discussed with your surgeon to determine their benefit for your specific problem. Mini incisions, gender specific implants and metal/ceramic surfaces may be considered, depending on your circumstances. Schedule an appointment, bring your questions and bring your significant other (to serve as a second pair of ears).

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