Joint Exercise (or alone)

I love the Buffalo news health articles, and the one today on arthritis and joint exercise (1/15/13) is one of their best yet. There are several types of arthritis, and not all treatments medical or exercise are for everyone, but there are soooo many options now that there is something for almost everyone, you just have to be willing, and start with the right people and program for strength, balance, pain relief, mobility independence. Before you start talk to your doctor or therapist or trainer etc, to be sure that what you start will not cause more problems than help. A lot of us (yes US) do too much too soon, causing problems and setting us up for disappointment and we quit in pain. But done right with the rignt program you may do a lot better in day to day activity. Even at home in Buffalo, Sit and Be Fit (on at 5:30 AM on WNED) is an easy do what you can program, and the first step for many. Tai Chi, Yoga, pool (not necessarily swimming or deep water), or something more involved may be your way to getting and keeping your health and independence. Use it or Lose it!

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